Wellness Healer

I am an Indian, living in Dubai since the year 2001.

An incident in the year 2003, brought me closer to Pranic healing, which then later became a part of my purpose of my life. While on a pilgrimage to a temple town in South India, I collapsed in the crowd of devotees, was then rushed to a doctor, who  after a series of scans and tests, identified my problem as a disc herniation of the spine.

I tried various  treatments, across different medicinal forms, but none gave any relief to my situation. In 2010, I was recommended to Pranic healing by my friend, and was introduced to the local Pranic Healing Centre in Dubai, wherein I underwent four healing sessions.

At the end of these sessions, I was completely out of pain, and the healing achieved for me, what no other treatment could do for so many years. This deeply touched me, and thus started my journey into Pranic healing  and other forms of energy healing. I was drawn to the teachings,  on how to maintain a healthy balance between mind and body.


After successfully completing several levels of certifications, I became a certified and qualified healer. With each healing that I did, I realized how I was able to help people address various kinds of problems that they were facing, and bringing them out of painful situations.


Over the years I have successfully treated patients from different parts of the world like India, Middle East, Europe and Canada. I have treated psychological ailments like anxiety, stress, trauma, addictions etc. I have treated patients with medical ailments like hypertension, herniated disks, diabetes, back pain, migraine etc.


What really inspires me, is being part of this journey, where my healings  are able to help and  brings us all together, thereby creating  a  deeper understanding , love and tolerance for humanity.